German federal election 2013: A trend to post-democracy. Strategy for the Pirate Party.

The German parliamentary elections 2013 show a trend to post-democracy. Mainly the large (neoliberal) parties CDU/CSU and SPD are strengthened. And, unfortunately, absolutely unacceptable nationalist parties like the AFD gained votes. We, the Pirate Party Germany, received 2,2 % of votes (almost one million voters), thus a little more than 2009.

My strategy suggestion for #Piraten:

Of course, we remain active.

And in a more fundamental way:

  • more broad extra-parliamentary political education for our progressive emancipatory left ideas (more direct and indirect democracy, unconditional basic income guarantee, internet and network communications policy, knowledge society, human rights for all, transnational thinking and acting, global solidarity)
  • reliability concerning political ideas: clear stance within the party for supporting these ideas
  • more organization, binding and verifiable online decision-making (SMV; pass it at federal party convention), transnational networking and community building
  • more peaceful activism as APO
  • additionally continue inner-parliamentary activity for these stated objectives; as a globally minded party especially for the European Parliament elections in May 2014
  • also extremely important: enabling a minimum of time for dealing with policy decisions for all humans (to this end the UBI/BGE and a not-arbitrary-surveilled internet are also essential).

Auf Deutsch lesen.

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