More democracy. No cuts. Fair taxes, higher revenue. No privileged powers. Together.

1. More democracy. More real, transparent and direct democracy on all levels and in all decisions of states and associations of states.

2. No cuts. Keeping and advancing all public achievements in health, education, social systems, infrastructure, democratic institutions, and peaceful international integration.

3. Fair taxes, higher revenue. Reducing debts and financial dependencies of states by increasing the revenue side. Realizing a fair and simple tax system that is actually and equally enforced with every person and entity — including the financial sector.

4. No privileged powers. Bringing oligopolies and entities that have concentrated so much (financial) power that they stand outside the law of democratic states or have whole markets or systems at their discretion by dependencies back under the rule of law including the human rights and back into functioning markets by antitrust law, regulation, transparency, and accessibility and checking by the general public.

5. Together. Intensive international cooperation of all countries to implement these goals.

This is my opinion on the solution of the wordwide financial crisis (including Euro crisis and Greece crisis).

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