No-go area Frankfurt. Blockupy as hope.

The ban by the state of all assemblies in the European bank capital Frankfurt during Blockupy has effects in many ways; in advance, as well as now!

I’m angry at my momentary insecurity.

I’m outraged by the city of Frankfurt, the minister of the interior of Hessen, the courts, the police.

They have outlawed every part of the Blockupy protest days except one single demonstration: All Asambleas, discussions, camps, blockades of civil disobedience, concerts, flash mobs rendered illegal. With reference to alleged violent readiness.

The organizers and participants of Blockupy always emphasize that they act peacefully!
Even the assembly for freedom of assembly by the Committee for Basic Rights and Democracy was disallowed.
The courts have confirmed the bans, too.

So there is not a single, secure assembly point in Frankfurt for protesters who want to work peacefully (and express their aims symbolically) for more and real democracy, against austerity measures, against anti-democratic influence of the financial lobby, and for a common search for solutions for the whole world.

Because of this incredible and shocking criminalization of the freedom of assembly, the police arbitrarily hurts, detains, searches, blocks people, and confiscates objects from them such as tents.

Frankfurt as a no-go area.

That is why some people like me have not dared to go to Frankfurt.
Fortunately, many others are more courageous!
Many are also held on the way to Frankfurt, or at various locations in Frankfurt, blocked separately from each other.

Is this strategy of divide and conquer intended? Do the authorities want to thwart peaceful protest, and do they want to use violence for their political gains?

One aspect of Blockupy, which is very important to me, the exchange of opinion in public space during Asambleas has become virtually impossible: As it needs one common, allowed place — where there is no police violence — to allow all protesters from around the world to communicate.

The city of Frankfurt immensely und unconstitutionally obstructs Blockupy, but the peaceful, open character of the Blockupy protesters will be stronger!
The violations of fundamental rights, the human rights, the Constitution, are so obvious in Frankfurt that they will be noticed by many people!

Consequently, even more people worldwide will join the global Occupy movement for more and real democracy.
And they will work together on long term to improve our world.

In Frankfurt, on Paulsplatz, the Römer and other squares, the movement will continue strengthening itself: Peaceful, together, creating new!

Auf Deutsch lesen.

This work by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

2 thoughts on “No-go area Frankfurt. Blockupy as hope.

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