It is about believing what is possible. Blockupy.

It is about believing what is possible. Blockupy. | download | in German

I created this image and slogan to capture my feelings after Blockupy. I have taken the background photo out of a live stream by the public/state-owned TV station Hessischer Rundfunk (hr). It shows the rally/assembly near the European Central Bank in Frankfurt on Saturday, the last day of Blockupy. Share it freely.

After four days of Blockupy Frankfurt and peaceful protest by more than 20,000 humans (according to the police), there is an awesome feeling in the air.

Blockupy Frankfurt has made something simple very clear:

It is possible!

Even though, in an outrageous violation of civil rights, all assemblies have been banned by the authorities (except the demonstration on the last day of Blockupy); even though 5,000 police officers enforced these bans in and out of Frankfurt by blocking and controlling almost the complete European Banking capital of Frankfurt:

It is possible to show worldwide solidarity.
It is possible to come together in great numbers.
It is possible to protest for real democracy, against austerity policies, against the overwhelming power of financial institutions.
It is possible to take squares temporarily and symbolically block the banking sector.
It is possible to stay completely peaceful and upbeat!
It is possible!

Why is this so important?

A lot of people do not participate in democracy or social movements because they believe change is not possible.
And of course, as long as they are not taking part, this is true.

This is probably the most important obstacle to trying to improve the world.
Once you know change is possible, it is within reach.

It is about believing what is possible.

And Blockupy, as many like-minded events and movements worldwide, again will convince, with good reason, a rising number of people that there is courage and hope!

I was inspired to this idea after hearing David Graeber (Occupy movement, author of “Debt: The First 5,000 Years”) say the following in an Blockupy panel discussion in a temporarily claimed University Frankfurt building:

“Concerning system subversions, it is less about what people want, but what they believe is possible.”

Blockupy goes on! Occupy everywhere!

Auf Deutsch lesen.

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