Pirate Party Germany in non-binding Liquid Feedback: Majority for European Basic Income Guarantee (BIG).

While political and economic debates during the Euro/debt/banks/financial crisis are dominated by the pressure of the markets;
While dangerous voices point the finger simply at the respectively other countries;
While in the course of crisis measures, giant sums of money are redistributed in order to bail out big banks/assets;
While the majority of humans has to accept great disadvantages in life, education, health care, work and cuts in essential democratic institutions because of strict austerity measures;

The Pirate Party Germany begins to set its political course towards a democratic, free, and mutually solidary Europe.

For all humans.

Here is an example of an awesome proposition which was adopted in Liquid Feedback on 11th August 2012 after an eight day voting period.
In Liquid Feedback (LQFB), Pirate Party members can create propositions, and improve, discuss and vote authenticated on them.
Important: “At the moment, LQFB has no binding effect.
Voting result of this initiative “i3860”: Yes: 470 (68%); abstention: 70, No: 217 (32%); Adopted.

Introduction of an unconditional basic income guarantee at the European level:

The Pirate Party Germany will work at the European level to introduce an unconditional basic income guarantee.

It can be left to the individual states, at first, to set the amount of the basic income that is to be paid out; long-term, however, a uniform European solution is to pursue.

Over 700 pirates took part in the vote, including delegations. (For comparison, the Pirate Party Germany national convention is attended by between 900 and 1500 eligible voters.)

The proposition is short, but visionary. It hopefully sets a clear and trend-setting signal that overcomes two systems of borders at once: (1) it is international; (2) it is an unconditional and direct benefit to humans, promoting human rights and emancipation.

In the officially binding election program it has already been adopted that the Pirate Party Germany works for the introduction of an unconditional basic income guarantee (BIG) in Germany, in order to realize the right to secure existence and social participation from the party program.

Further important propositions about Europe, and about BIG, that are currently in the voting phase in LQFB:

If you’re a Pirate Party member: Please join in voting!

To everybody: Please share the idea of ​​a democratic Europe including BIG!

(Maybe this BIG could then be called Euro-BIG 🙂 )

Auf Deutsch lesen.

This work by TheCitizen.de is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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