Political activities report 1.

Things I have organized and carried out — always together with others. Focus: about 2009 to 2012.


  • Aims always: improving the world.
  • Elected representative for civilian service (Zivildienst) at the University Hospital of Erlangen during civilian service
  • European Students’ Forum / AEGEE Erlangen-Nuremberg: board, organization of exchange events in Erlangen for international students
  • Helper at Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival

Students protest / education protest

  • Aims always: abolish tuition fees, more democracy at the university / higher degree of participation; G8 abolition; more freedom in design of study plans / Bologna bachelor-master reform.
  • Educational/students’ Strike 2009, Unibrennt, FAUbrennt, occupation of main auditorium of the University of Erlangen (FAU): working groups organization, assembly, cultural program, press/website, wikis/forum/student body
  • Students’ group Bildungsprotest: protest action “University: No Trespassing” 2010, many more protest actions, short occupation of University Schloss: moderator/chairman, discussions, demonstrations, site, counterpart: neolib students group FAU
  • For group “Bildungsprotest”: candidate in University of Erlangen-Nuremberg election alliance “Education-Green-Left FAU” 2011, together writing of basic ideals, university students’ politics, homepage
  • BayernLeaks: website, logo, technical realization (letter of Heubisch: quick spending of large amounts of accumulated tuition funds)
  • Assembly of all students of FAU: Moderator/chairman of assemblies 1-3, writing of Rules of Procedure and speech list concept, slogan “Information. Discussion. Voting.”, planning in working group, founding in February 2010, till beginning of 2012

Occupy Erlangen / Real democracy now

  • Aims always: more democracy, human rights, solidarity, world-wide. Less inequality/injustice, less influence of money/lobbyism and financial markets on politics.
  • Occupy Erlangen / Real democracy now Erlangen: Established May 2011 with Noya as part of the same movement from Spain (Real democracy now / the Indignados / los indignados); from September 2011 (Occupy Wall Street) also part of Occupy movement, then name: Occupy Erlangen: Approx. 30 open and public discussion meetings at the Schlossplatz Erlangen, global days of action (e.g. 15 May, 15 October, 5 November, 10 December), anti-ACTA demos
  • Occupy FAU: combined action and meetings of “Bildungsprotest” and Occupy Erlangen, 17 November 2011: short occupation of Kollegienhaus, moderator/chairman
  • Blockupy Frankfurt: Admin Facebook group “Blockupy Frankfurt
  • Now it’s getting critical Erlangen: Activity Day 14th July 2012: Occupy Erlangen, Erlangen, together with Attac, Banda Sinistra, Third World Shop Erlangen, Erlangen Social Forum, Green university group of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen Jusos, LUKS: planning, conducting workshop and action for an unconditional basic income guarantee
  • As net activist and Occupy activist: guest speaker at panel discussion on “security instead of liberty – security laws to the test” 31 May 2012, organized by Juso university group of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Pirate Party

  • Aims always: more democracy, transparency, freedom of access to knowledge and culture, privacy/civil rights, education, free, equal internet, right to secure existence and participation, whistleblower protection / see Pirate policy program and election program.
  • Official (and paying) member since May 2012
  • Anti-ACTA demos 11 February, 25 February, 6 June 2012: Planning group, speech, Admin Facebook group “Anti-ACTA Mittelfranken
  • ACTA public viewing Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag, 7 May 2012: organizing public viewing in Nuremberg K4/Kulturzentrum
  • Gema demonstration 6th September 2012: Speech for democracy and transparency in Gema; against unjust Gema-tariff reform
  • Participation Pirates state convention Bavaria, 15, 16 September 2012: Proposition to support Umfairteilen alliance (“There is already redistribution. It must be regulated in a more fair way in order to keep basic democratic principles and institutions.”), after counting: rejected very narrowly
  • Twitter, Liquid Feedback, SG website Mittelfranken

To be continued.

Auf Deutsch lesen.

This work by TheCitizen.de is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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